Monday, September 24, 2012

Rules are meant to be broken so are promises! – Vegetable Friends (Version 2)

Occasional get-together(s) remain incomplete if there’s no beer on the menu.  This comes as no surprise because in Bhutan we have a culture of letting alcohol take precedence over any undertaking.  I am not sure whether anybody has heard of ‘the beer festival’. Well I certainly have and blessed rainy day coincides with the international beer festival. This year it’s being celebrated and observed in Munich, Germany. Gallons and gallons of beer will be drunk this week by millions of people in and around Germany. Can you imagine, this week alone?

The troupe but not everyone is pictured
Our Blessed Rainy Day troupe cannot afford gallons but at least by our standards, we made ourselves proud. We bet that we can leave ‘chilips’ awestruck with our ability. Try us and you too will be amazed. You will be surprised if I disclosed the boxes of beer we managed to gobble down in 2 nights and 3 days. Coming back to our tiny circle of friends during the blessed rainy day, it was one of our friends Tharaz who told me to write the Version 2 of Vegetable friends (My earlier post). 

This years’ bash came during the blessed rainy day. It took away some serious planning and preparation. The big day approached as we were all set in. All friends (except two) made it to the said event. We took four cars and lots of edibles along with pots and pans. We were told to bring some fire wood as every blade of grass was wet. 

Getting things ready for the night tested our patience. All tents were pitched and there was one in particular which nobody could fix it. It ate up our evening time into the dusk. After much trial and error we managed to keep it shaped. Then we went for dinner at the fireplace. It was me and sexy-bona fide sharchops in the group. The curry reminded that we were sharchops. Draks prepared the curry but the potatoes were all swimming in the curry. I told them, “Today you reminded me that I belong to the east”, “Thank you Draks”. Everybody shared a heads-out laugh and then Draks, “naba ley, tshoem choe zo may” which gave us another moment of heads off laugh.  

Singing went well into the night. After getting high on beer, it was Kinley and Acho Bom who instigated me to take a ride to the nearest town. The rest of the troupe was sleeping. After much hustle, we secretly took the car out and then disaster! The eldest in out troupe, Acho came out of his tent and declared, “Choe gara nga ley za woong mey, me nyey ga”-All of you will get beaten up, why don’t you sleep? Then in instant, every one jumped into their respective tents and silence followed. Some giggled of course. Then sleep took us to the next morning. 

Our Cool recess in the stream nearby
It was blessed rainy day the next morning and we started the day with porridge cooked in beef bones. No sooner did we finish drinking porridge than we started to grab the bottles. Everyone had a task at hand. Dishwashing, cutting veggies and other greens and I got to do everything with the fish. I can cook pretty well. After getting everything ready for the midday feast, we went to the nearest stream and gave ourselves a refreshingly cold treat. All of us then went for a game of basket ball. We had dinner already, the left over from the lunch. And into the night, it was my turn to get crazy. I had drunk more that what my body was supposed to handle then, the ejection of what I took as my dinner. All that I put in my belly for dinner had to be forced out….eeeeehhhhhh! In the midst of I moving sideways with no balance, Tharaz was busy singing to the karaoke, yes singing to because, the music was after his lyrics-he was singing off beat. 

The Camp Site
Then I hastily went into the tent, took out my pillow, quilt and computer. Got into the back seat of my car and then called the night off. I was told that, it rained during the night and rain sipped into the tent. My friends had miserable time draining water out but for me I was fast asleep in the car.
The next morning, we did the same chores all over again. Everyone got one task at hand and one was expected to complete it. Enter Sexy. He is a little slow and he was supposed to prepare egg curry for us. Ashim had already finished with her share of the curry. Acho, by now told Sexy and me, “In the next season two of you will be out” and to this everybody laughed their heads off. Whether be it funny, embarrassing, annoying or enjoying, we were never short of three things-Handycam-ing, photography and beer. 

We ate our lunch that afternoon and packed everything that came with us into our cars. Even the left over curry was packed. We drove towards our homes and on the way we halted thrice for some beer and fried fish. Sexy and I think that we will be in for the next season, as Acho mentioned of us. Whether be rules or promises, it is meant to be broken.

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