Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vegetable Friends

Friendship is the most coveted commodity if it wasn’t for a concept. Had it been a vegetable, it would be the most expensive vegetable ever that you and I could afford. Friends that I keep and they keep me for that matter are worth a scribble, at least for now. I have an unusual circle of friends with unusual behaviors that which makes every evening an evening like never before. Just last night I thought of penning it down. I will let you know through this personalized narrative. Happy reading!

First comes the eldest, let me name him brother. Then I am in the line. Tharaz next, Wuurz is another one, we have someone called sexy. Then comes Kinley, Then we have the Jags, other called Draks. Then we have Acho Bom and Wuurz bainey. Finally we have Ashim-Brother’s other half. 

We make quite a good bunch of friends. Although we differ in every speck of our character but one common thing binds us together is the love for beer. Sometimes we gather even before reaching home and this happens in a secret bar known to us only. 

We are a group of individuals with our own share of problems. Whether be emotional, social or personal, all of us have some degree of problems not with each other but with the outlook.  Let me be fair, I too have host of problems and too many to name. I claim that I have the most problems in our circle. So, I get the most advices, supposedly for being the 3rd eldest in the group (LOL) initiated by our brother. 

The only difference is brother, I and Acho Bom don’t smoke, and I do occasionally when I am high on beer. Here’s one nagging thing about this circle of friends. When we sit down together for some beer (Mostly at Acho Bom’s place) all of our buddies will stand up in the mid of our beer session and jointly cry out “Tamka” and they all will get out for some fag leaving me, brother and Acho Bom. Three of us left behind would touch our heads and say this to each other, “Shekpa ra jaan jaan”. Then on their return after the fag, one of us inside would say, “tankhu zha si” and quick comes the reply from wuurz, “Pa tey zo tha bey”. As a matter of fact, we would chat on things that happened during the day and we’d mostly make fun and crack jokes.  

The other day, we made a gathering at sexy’s. There after almost three hours all of us were high. What next? No wonder the music is played high and the mood can never be better to shake and show some of our half-sleep-half-drunk dancing moves. Kinley, the youngest among us is fond of free style and he would showcase this extraordinary feat only during this time of the night when he’s drunk. 

Jaks is a silent personality with weird way of looking at things. The weirdness is, he shifted his apartment 2 or 3 times this year alone, and what do you expect a word of good wishes from this circle of friends? Na, it’s, “Gachi moh, Chim ya Bjili pou dhey po dhi”. And he would reply in his typical Dzongkha accent, “Laeun mey chegi”. 

Kinley and Tharaz put up together and we call the way they arrange their garments, as if you have reached a “Dhaka Sale”. If any one of them looks for pants or other particular garment, they would put the whole pile upside down just to look for one and “denting painting” thing is another story. From our circle, these two would score zero for punctuality. On one instant, all of us gathered at six and asked them to be there. Here’s what they did, despite repeated calls, they came at nine.

We frequently gather and have fun; perhaps all the ones that don’t smoke wouldn’t be surprised if others in our circle yell out ‘Tamka’ in the middle of our session. After all, we are here to stay and let there be ‘Tamka’ as long as we are friends. So they are my little vegetable friends!

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