Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How many seasons old are you?

There is always something about the seasons that make us feel and ponder that we are growing old not just by years but by seasons as well. A friend once remarked, “I am 27 winters old”. And I am 27winters, one summer and a spring old to be precise. For me the warmth of the sun means hope. The warmth of the border towns means hope. The warmth of the sun on a freezing morning also means hope. It lights up every possible humans, possible because some are not humans. Pardon me for this rude remark. 

When basking, I over-hear people talking good things, all lovely. Such is the power of the sun. The winter sun means getting together outside the hearth for a friendly chat with a cup sweetened with some cream in the coffee. Isn’t this thought nice? The thought of this will stir some hope perhaps, only if you are a human, LOL! Families bring their chores out in the sun. When I was a tiny-tot, I vividly remember my ma bringing all the laundry, dishes and even pets out in the sun for a warm motherly wash. How sweet of her! Washing machine, during those times was a thing of the future and considered a luxury. 

Image courtesy: Google
Office goers in their warm outfits with a muffler tied around their necks will be a common sight. People do look respectable when they robe themselves for winter. Shops will be closed early, few can be seen in the streets which otherwise would be bustling, the interiors and the panes of cars would be dotted with dews and Lorries would be kept roaring and early risers would see smokes indicating heat from every houses. Our towns and cities will experience skyrocketing electricity bills all in the name of warmth and heat during this cold season. And when the cold creeps in, people would stack loads of firewood near their houses, around their walls etc… If we look at some distance, we will see things blur because of the winter mist and gardens will be dotted with marigold and cosmos, mostly. 

Come be a part of this freezing season, celebrate life and make the most of this season. Warm it up in your own little ways and make every effort to keep yourself warmed up so that the cold remains cold, outside. This holiday season in the cold can be enchanting and we will remain awestruck with the surprises it brings along. So, enjoy the season and who knows one may realize that winter does hold potentials of wonderful experiences and perhaps in the midst of the cream coffee while you are basking in the sun, a friend might appear for some company and you might want to ask, “How many seasons old are you?” Happy Holidays!