Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It is obvious that we find solace in loneliness. Melancholies are just a part of being human and may be there’s more to life than just being alone, aloof. Sometimes but most of the times, life’s greatest mystery and puzzles can be solved and answered to during these melancholies. What exactly is melancholy then? Is it a state of mind or just an approach to being left undisturbed? Or is it a moment of self realization? Does it make one understand the real purpose of life as an individual? Does it drive away negative energy to make one’s existence meaningful? So on and so forth…

When we keep our heads on the pillow and when we call our day off, do we ask ourselves, what have I done today? Did I make some mistakes today? Did I make someone happy? Did I hurt someone? Have I learnt something today? Etc…

The day’s obvious questions would be answered and for the one’s left unanswered it is a moment of reflection to be careful for the next moments. What is the reason for one’s own actions if it’s ‘Perfectly ordinary’?-Oscar Wilde. Getting out of the ordinary and making it extraordinary is what everyone aspires for. 

Listening to others is a good virtue and its naïve. But what one does after listening is of importance. It’s my life! I decide what happens in my life! I am the master of my own life! I chose to live in a way that I like not what others like of me! I seek company, like every social animal not advisors and dictators. This is what I suppose is the mantra. The naïve will always opine it as a lopsided perception on life. Come on, after all we are all different. No twins share the same thoughts. “We are close and that’s why we are worried about you” a popular Bhutanese advice in friendship, family and in offices. ‘How worried’, that is for the time to tell. When one worries, you worry the others making it a perennial worry-rumor, hence giving birth to what we commonly put, ‘My worry has become a funny gossip’ for people around me. When this happens, people choose loneliness and seek melancholy; after all, the greatest advisor still remains the pillow. 

The world has turned its back on you and you are left behind! Does that mean you are neglected? The strength lies in moving forward with added zeal picturing what one needs to do never bothering or yet caring for others who despise you. Togetherness is short lived, ultimately everyone must choose their path of self determination, and this may differ with different social bonding. One must know, not all elderly are wise and not all young are fools.

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