Monday, October 13, 2014

What is so extra about extra marital affairs?

The spark and it’s ignition to write this update came from a very close friend of mine, who is a divorcee now. He now spends his time with another who lost her spouse some years ago. I also did think of setting pen on paper after I wildly calculated the number of separated individuals that I am familiar with and are my acquaintances. 16 is a staggering figure for a little person like me. Here’s my thought!

I have had so many hours spent into thinking, what is so extra about extra marital affairs anyway. Here’s a hypothetical situation! What would you do if you found your spouse into it? Trust has become a thing of the past, not necessarily with everyone of course.

The only thing extra as I have found out is the brawls and the squabbles that ensue after the spouse has found out one’s secret contemplation…..LoL! The thing of the past that got a mention here is the sense of trust between spouses. I have my fingers crossed if ‘no-trust’ would mean unfaithful behavior in spouses and not getting laid would mean trust. Lately, there has been a wild rumor about these extra affairs. Someone’s wife calling the supposed mistress! Husbands calling on the supposed boyfriends! So on and so forth…

Everyone knows about these affairs and no one wants to let the other know about it. These, even the gossips have made into the limelight and those listeners will enjoy listening to the gossips, not the fact reiterating this modern writer at point blank, “Don’t waste your time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear”- Paulo Coelho

It’s a universal fact that home is not necessarily made of love and dreams. Prove me wrong! Homes and the dwellers these days have made it into social networking sites to pour out their over emphasized egoistic frustrations. Believe me, I am a living testimony to this unusual fact. I pour out on social networks quite often but not on affairs and linkages with whosoever.

Well, getting into such thing already is a disaster in the making and those currently into it breed heterogeneous problems. The couples undergoing such ordeal may wish to separate in an instant to breathe a sigh of instant relief not realizing the instant regret that may ensue, when you are children-ed of course. I knew this as some of my known acquaintances shares this unusual grief.

My conclusion is there is nothing extra about extra marital affairs anyway except for some short lived delights when one is into it. These short lived delights are for my fellow readers and bloggers to think and these delights do not last long!

Happy Delighting if any…..LoL! 

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