Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blood and beyond blood

Over the evening, on a mundane chore at home, I answered to someone on the phone. The news shocked me. It stirred a sense of insecurity in me and from today I am trying to be a better human being. I have done everything that is required of me as a being to my near and far ones.  Death and marriage brings people together although each one doesn’t stand in other’s eyes.

It is sad and depressing to have finally come to know that your own blood people have nothing but hatred for you and your success and happiness burns them inside-out. I have patiently listened to many a people for some relief in these times and the most that came out of their opinion was just live your life and do some savings. I am trying to come to terms with these advices. Just live on the present, don’t think about the past, and ruin your present.

I am not a crises guru or an expert relationship advisor but what I have found out to be is, relationship is directly and inversely proportional to the money you possess. No one asks about ‘what do you do for a living?’ anymore. All people are curious is about how much you make at the end of the day. The bottom line of a successful relationship is money. There is an exception though. If your relationship is blood, whatever I have opined may not be true. Wait a minute! This is grudgingly true for in my situation I belong to those heck of beings who has found a means to measure relationship with figures you have in your bank account.

I have undergone a similar ordeal just recently and the pain is perfectly excruciating. Let there be no relationships whatsoever, no attachments, no expectations and bonding etc… When one has known the consideration of oneself in other’s eyes, then you realize how important is that person in your life even if its blood or beyond blood. 

I have lived for many around me and I will continue to do so. I lead a simple and a happy life. I meet and cater to whatever expectations that my people have in me. And yet sometimes when I feel everything is going the way it should be, something out of the blue creeps in making me question the very foundation and fabric of relationships, biological of course.

I have made mistakes, undergone turmoil and have had head aching moments, wept and lamented over for not being able to make it. I also attended a funeral of a dear one and realized, in this brief called life, there is no time to indulge and think over all the past and react to it. That’s why I have made this conclusion (correct me if I am wrong), a mother’s  love also can be biased to her children. This is my ordeal of the mundane-cy in living for blood and beyond blood.