Monday, August 8, 2016

Good morning isn’t always good

We talk of our lofty vision of GNH and place a higher degree of importance to our schools in imparting education. GNH, I am sure will be infused even more this time not forgetting the happiness cream. Curriculum is going to change; at least that is what I hear. No matter what is changed, if the ego of the teacher is before everything else, it’s like saying, “Unless your government increases my salary the earth will remain flat”. A teacher who was working in some remote school back then told this to some education inspectors.

I am living the moment of how irritating can Mondays be and the Monday sets the cornerstone for how the rest of the days would go. OK like every Mondays, there’s morning hassles, cook, eat, pack, get dressed and off to school in my case. Reaching school, greet friends and children, sign and off to the morning assembly.

The retention of children is at stake here. Just recently, in groups all teachers underwent the ‘Transformative Pedagogy’ training and we were amazed to learn that a child’s retention and learning can only go beyond their age with one addition. Confused! A Child is 7 years old, his/her retention and concentration, is 7+1=8. A child of 7 years can learn and listen to 8 minutes. And these eight minutes is again difficult at a stretch. This is what research has found out.

Contrary to this finding, the morning assembly in any centre of learning goes beyond an adult’s retention. Imagine the plight of hundreds of faces in the sun looking at the teachers. Point is, say things that is important and inevitable. You do not need the brains of an all knowing saint to deliver the intended messages. Sometimes, listening can be so monotonous that you begin to doubt the speaker’s credibility. One can see the frustration on our children’s faces as well. Such uneasy can the sight sometimes be in the mornings.

These centres of learning must be the place where the value of time must be taught and instilled. The next time you greet someone good morning, although a good morning from the other end, may not have had a ‘good’ morning. Think again.

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